Wow, Apollo is hot.
Valentina /Vae - lihn - tee - nuh/ noun 1 A Percy Jackson & the Olympians fan. Hunter of Artemis and daughter of Athena. Find me in the cabin #6.


PJATO movie: the lightning thief + water

the host premiere: alex daddario.

The demigods made way for a girl in full Roman armor and a purple cape. Dark hair tumbles across her shoulders. Her eyes were as black as obsidian.” - Annabeth, Mark of Athena

Project: Use as many different reyna quotes as possible, 3/?

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“They are the best of friends, there is deep affection, but they are not a couple. You don’t know until the end where the relationship is really headed.”  - Thor Freudenthal

A bright psd works better on dark scenes

you may have to adjust the curves if you use in bright images

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Percy Jackson art by John Rocco

How do you stop seeing it?